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Richard S. Haines and his predecessor law firm have been practicing in the Toms River area for over 60 years. Mr. Haines was admitted to the Bar in 1971 in Massachusetts and admitted to the Bar in New Jersey in 1973. He has been successful in numerous important cases and trials over the last 30 years. His success includes both civil and criminal trials. Many of his clients, facing significant jail time have been acquitted or had their charges or indictments dismissed on motion. Most criminal clients have had very serious charges downgraded to substantially lesser charges with minimal consequences. Mr. Haines enjoys an high success rate for his criminal clients.

On the civil side, Mr. Haines has achieved recoveries and verdicts resulting in judgments in excess of $6 million and other verdicts and settlements greater than a million dollars. He has also successfully defended those charged with negligence and facing significant monetary damage by injured persons. He has been involved in various types of litigation involving embezzlement, fraud, and monetary wrongdoing. He has had many cases referred to him by other lawyers, which shows their respect for his ability.

RICHARD S. HAINES has been certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Certified Civil and a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney  and has been so certified since 1983. In addition to that he has also been recognized as a Super Lawyer by his peers as determined by New Jersey Monthly Magazine. 

There are those attorneys that are certified as civil attorneys and those that are certified as criminal attorneys.  There are only 54 attorneys out of 79,145 in the State of New Jersey who are certified in both areas of the law.

In order to be certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey, one must have devoted a substantial amount of time to the trial of important litigated cases in each area of the law.  Thereafter a lawyer must take an examination in each of those areas of the law to prove their competency with respect to their knowledge of both the Rules of Court and case and statutory law of the State of New Jersey.  In addition, in renewing the certifications, one must show to the Board on Trial Certification that one has continued to keep updated on the changes in the law by being involved in continuing education courses for a required number of hours.

The Board on Trial Certification has issued a pamphlet entitled “WHY SHOULD YOU USE A CERTIFIED CIVIL OR CRIMINAL ATTORNEY?”  For reasons why you should use a certified civil or criminal attorney click here.


Steven E. Yost has been practicing since 1982. He has obtained substantial jury verdicts and settlements on behalf of his clients. He is a member of the American Trial Lawyers' Association, New Jersey chapter, and practices mainly in the area of personal injury, seeking recovery for serious injuries and the devastating consequences to the lives of the injured and their families.

The law firm of Haines & Yost practices primarily in the areas of criminal defense, personal injury, business and commercial litigation, and elder law.

Jerome C. Landers has been admitted to the Bar of the State of New Jersey since 1990 after graduating from Rutgers University School of Law.  Prior to discharge from service with a rank of Commander, Mr. Landers was involved in research and development and procurement programs for the United States Navy.  During his naval career, he graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Mathematics and thereafter completed his post graduate program in the Naval Academy post graduate school earning both a bachelor's and master's degree in Electronic Engineering.

After being admitted to the bar and over the past 14 years, Mr. Landers was initially involved in private practice and then was asked to become the managing attorney for the Ocean County Surrogate's Office.  During his experience with the Surrogate's office, Mr. Landers oversaw all of the applications filed in the Ocean County Surrogates office and acted as an adviser and consultant to those Judges who were charged with making decisions concerning probate matters, guardianships, conservatorships and estate litigation.  As a consequence, Mr. Landers has been acknowledged to be one of the foremost authorities in Ocean County in the area of the Law.

Since leaving the Surrogate's office, Mr. Landers has dedicated himself to advising clients with respect to any and all estate matters, guardianships, elder exploitation and protection of senior citizens against fraudulent behavior.

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